Headaches             Shoulder Pain                        Swollen Legs                Plantar Fascitis       
          Migraines               Hip Pain                                 Eratic Heat Beat           Sciatica            
          Eye Pain                 Carpal Tunnel                        High Heart Rate           Bunions
          Ear Pain                  Raynaud's Syndrome             Knee Pain                    Claw Toes
          Dizziness                Trigger Finger                        Stiff Neck                    Hammer Toes
          Golfer's Elbow        Tennis Elbow                         Low Back Pain             Mid Back Pain

There are many more "pains" or health issues that you can be suffering from that aren't listed above.  Per research, up to 93% of pain is caused from contracted muscles that we usually can't discern as being contracted until we are in a great deal of pain (a good example is that dripping water erodes rock; we can't see it being eroded but over time the erosion becomes apparent).  Unfortunately, most medical doctors aren't versed in muscles and tend to prescribe drugs for a muscular issue that most of the time can be easily remedied by taking care of the soft tissue problem through trigger point therapy.  Chiropractors tend to deal only with the spine and many don't recognize that tight muscles pull bones (spine included) and entrap nerves.  When the contraction is taken out of the muscle, not only does it release the pressure on the bones (spine also) but it also releases pressure on nerves and on blood and lymph vessels.  Bone spurs (bunions too) can be reabsorbed back into the body as long as there is adequate magnesium.  The "pinched nerve" feeling can go away and swelling can be taken out of the tissue.  Regular massage therapy can be somewhat helpful but many times is detrimental as continuous rubbing on a myofascial trigger point usually sets up more problems with muscles as knots in certain areas absolutely cannot be rubbed or stretched out!

I am a massage therapist specializing in a highly effective approach called Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy (there are only a few of us extensively trained Myofascial Trigger Point Therapists in Michigan).  I am able to relieve chronic and acute pain and dysfunction by identifying and treating the underlying causes of muscular pain and by teaching self-care techniques so that my clients are able to relieve their pain problems.  Left untreated trigger points can lead to chronic myofascial pain syndromes which severly reduce the quality of life as shown above and at times can cause economic hardship due to huge medical bills and lost work hours.

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